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Welcome to carry out technology cooperation!

Based on NiuParser technology, Doudouniu Team concentrates on natural language processing technology and devotes oneself to the development of NiuParser series of products and provides high-level language analysis and processing technology services for the development of enterprise-class linguistic intelligence processing application system.

Service including, but not limited to:

1) Provide permissive license for commercial application of NiuParser and its SDK;
2) Provide maintenance support for NiuParser and its SDK;
3) Provide update service for NiuParser and its SDK;
4) Provide personalized custom service of NiuParser and its SDK with new functions tailored to specific users;
5) Provide commissioned development for the application system of enterprise-level linguistic intelligence processing based on NiuParserSDK.

Thank you for downloading NiuParser free for research work. Welcome to carry out technical cooperation with Doudouniu Team and make use of NiuParser technology developing application system of linguistic intelligence processing.

Contact: Mr. Wang
Contact Number: 13840278895
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