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Chinese Syntactic and Semantic Parser NiuParser 1.3.0

NiuParser is a Chinese Syntactic and Semantic Analysis System,based on more than 30 years' expertise of NiuParser Team from Natural Language Processing Lab of Northeastern University (NEUNLP), China , which has been engaged in the study of language analysis and machine translation technology ever since its foundation in 1980.
NiuParser supports seven text analysis technologies including Word Segmentation , POS Tagging , Named Entity Recognition , Chunking , Constituent Parsing , Dependency Parsing and Semantic Role Labeling with Chinese sentences. All its codes are written in C++ and contain no single open source code and NiuParser Team holds complete intellectual property of NiuParser.
NiuParser features its fast speed and superior performance among its peers in the industry, It can be widely used in development of commercial application systems for text analysis and text mining based on deep language analysis. NiuParser can be used free for research purpose, but a commercial license needs to be granted by NiuParser Team before it is used for commercial purpose.

1. All codes are written in C++
2. Achieve best analysis performance in the industry
3. Support 7 language analysis technologies
4. Can be used in applications such as text analysis and text mining based on depth calculation

It supports the mainstream Windows 64bit and Linux 64bit OS,and at least 4GB memory and 10GB disc space are required to run the system.

User Manual
Click here to download the User Manual which gives a detailed description on how to use NiuParser.
Click here to download the Development Document which gives a detailed description on how to use NiuParser for secondary development.

If you use NiuParser in your research and would like to acknowledge this project, please cite the following paper
Jingbo Zhu , Muhua Zhu , Qiang Wang , Tong Xiao. 2015. NiuParser: A Chinese Syntactic and Semantic Parsing Toolkit. In Proc. of ACL, demonstration session.

Get Support
For any questions about NiuParser, please e-mail us for help.

NiuParser History

NiuParser 1.3.0 - On September 22, 2015, Support multi-thread for execute file, support reentrancy for SDK, add RNN-based Dependency Parsing

NiuParser 1.2.0 - On January 16, 2015, Open SDK interface, support C/C++ for secondary development under windows and Linux and fixed bug

NiuParser 1.1.0 - On November 4, 2014, NiuParser Team released NiuParser version 1.1.0 , supported Linux OS, updated constituent and dependency parser modules , repaired bugs

NiuParser 1.0.0 Beta - On August 31, 2014, NiuParser Team released NiuParser version 1.0.0 Beta, the first version of NiuParser for automatic syntactic and semantic analysis of Chinese text (sentence level).