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NiuParserSDK Introduction

NiuParserSDK is a software development kit based on NiuParser system, which can provide users with localized NiuParserSDK Chinese analysis technology and help users carry out secondary development.
Currently, NiuParserSDK supports C/C++ language interface on the operating system of Windows 64bit and Linux 64bit. Subsequently, we will gradually increase supportive programming languages and platforms.

Interface Specification Download NiuParserSDK Development Document

 int NiuParser_Create_Instance(Switch_ST & switcher) System Initialization, Loading Model Resources

Word Segmentation
 int NiuParser_Segmenter_Sentence(char* input , Seg_Result_ST & seg_result) Conducting Segmentation
 int NiuParser_Release_Segment_Memory(Seg_Result_ST & seg_result) Releasing Segmentation Results

POS Tagging
 int NiuParser_POS_Tagger_Sentence(char* input ,Pos_Result_ST & pos_result) Conducting POS Tagging
 int NiuParser_Release_Pos_Tagger_Memory(Pos_Result_ST & pos_result) Releasing POS Tagging Results

Named Entity Recognition
 int NiuParser_NE_Recognizer _Sentence(char* input ,Ner_Result_ST &ner_result) Conducting Named Entity Recognition
 int NiuParser_Release_Name_Entity_Memory(Ner_Result_ST & ner_result) Releasing Named Entity Recognition Results

 int NiuParser_CHK_Recognizer_Sentence(char* input ,Chk_Result_ST & chk_result) Conducting Chunking
 int NiuParser_Release_Chunking_Memory(Chk_Result_ST & chk_result); Releasing Chunking Results

Constituent Parsing
 int NiuParser_Constitunet_Parser_Sentence(char* input ,Con_Result_ST & con_result) Conducting Constituent Parsing
 int NiuParser_Release_Constituent_Parser _Memory(Con_Result_ST & con_result) Releasing Constituent Parsing Results

Dependency Parsing
 int NiuParser_Dependency_Parser_Sentence(char* input , Dep_Result_ST & dep_result) Conducting Dependency Parsing
 int NiuParser_Release_Dependency_Parser _Memory(Dep_Result_ST & dep_result) Releasing Dependency Parsing Results

Semantic Role Labeling
 int NiuParser_Semantic_Role_Label_Sentence(char* input , Srl_Result_ST &srl_result) Conducting Semantic Role Labeling
 int NiuParser_Release_Semantic_Role_Label_Memory(Srl_Result_ST & srl_result) Releasing Semantic Role Labeling Results

 int NiuParser_Release_Instance() System Destruction, Releasing System Resources